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Blackberry and Apple Crumble

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Three Great Reasons to Get Out of the City

  One of my favourite pastimes at the moment is getting out of the city and into the countryside to go walking. It’s something I’ve started doing much more over the past year or so. […]

Three Peaks Challenge (Part One): Hell Bent on Pen-y-ghent

  I have a penchant for fresh air. Give me a mountain, a wooded vale or a babbling brook over Starbucks and shopping any weekend. I blame my husband for this fascination. He is the […]

Conquering Custard

  It’s no secret that I LOVE cooking. However, if there’s one thing that I’m guilty of, it’s watching cookery programmes and perusing recipe magazines whilst hardly ever cooking the recipes that inspire me. I’m […]

Festive Plum Compote

  With Christmas Day fast approaching, the hype about present shopping begins to turn into thoughts of dinner menus, peeling potatoes and preparing sprouts. Christmas dinner is arguably the most important meal a home cook […]